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Adult & Children's ENT

In addition to ear conditions, we also treat the following common ENT conditions in adults and children

Blocked Nose, Allergies, Sinus

Nasal problems caused by allergies and sinus infection are common nasal conditions and can severely impact your quality of life if left untreated. We diagnose and treat chronic nasal conditions.

Nasal Injuries

Injury to the nose can damage the skin, bone or cartilage and may cause swelling, bruising and nosebleeds. Nasal injuries should be examined at the time of the injury to check that no blood has collected under the lining of the nasal septum.

Tonsils & Adenoids in Kids

Tonsil infections and swollen adenoids can cause recurring infections, especially in kids and is the leading cause of sleep apnoea in children. We perform surgeries to improve quality of life and prevent further infections.

Foreign Body

Foreign bodies in the nose and ear can usually be removed by an ENT specialist in the clinic with forceps or microsuction. For suspected foreign bodies in the throat, the throat and upper airway are examined with a flexible nasendoscope.

Neck Lumps

Neck lumps are very common but any lump found in the neck that lasts for longer than 2-3 weeks should be investigated by an ENT specialist. There are many causes including infections or diseases, abnormalities present at birth, salivary gland & thyroid gland problems, cysts and tumours.

Salivary Gland Disorder

Many local (involving the salivary gland only) or systemic (involving the whole body) conditions can affect the salivary glands. The most common ones include obstruction of a salivary gland duct so that the saliva cannot drain, infection, and salivary gland lumps.

Throat Infection

A sore throat is a sign of a throat infection. It can make it painful to eat, swallow and talk. While most throat infections are not serious, you should consult an ENT specialist if you have difficulty breathing, swallowing, your sore throat recurs frequently or lasts longer than a week.

Thyroid Lumps

Thyroid lumps are very common. Most thyroid lumps are not serious and often do not cause symptoms, but a small proportion can indicate a more serious condition that should be examined by an ENT surgeon.

Thyroglossal Cyst

A Thyroglossal (duct) Cyst is a congenital neck lump. It can occur at any point from the base of tongue to the lower neck, but the most common location is in the midline of the upper neck. It normally doesn't cause symptoms unless it becomes infected.

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