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Ear & Hearing

I have loved treating ear conditions since I was a very junior doctor! The surgery is technically demanding and can be very challenging. But the most rewarding thing is seeing the improvement in quality of life of my patients once they can hear again. It is life changing for them

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the reduction in the ability to hear sound and can occur suddenly or gradually.

Deafness in One Ear

Deafness in One Ear, or Single Sided Deafness, is the loss of hearing in one ear only.

Ear Infection

Acute otitis media is a viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear.


Cholesteatoma is a disease of the ear. It develops when trapped skin forms a mass in the middle ear space and mastoid bone.


Tinnitus describes any noise that can be heard internally but is not made by an external sound.

Vertigo and Balance Problems

Vertigo describes a sensation of oneself or the surroundings moving, spinning or tumbling.


Ear wax (or cerumen) is a natural substance produced in your ears from skin shed in the ear canal mixed with oils and antimicrobials from hair follicles.

Eardrum Perforation & Retraction

Eardrum Perforation is a hole in the ear drum, which makes the ear susceptible to ear infections and often causes reduced hearing.

Ear Pain (Otalgia)

Ear Pain, or Otalgia, can occur due to a problem inside the ear or outside the ear. It may be easy to resolve or can be a sign of a more serious condition.

Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial palsy is a very distressing condition for any patient. It is temporary or permanent weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles.

Vestibular Schwannoma

Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous and usually slow-growing tumour that develops on the main nerve that conveys hearing and balance signals from the inner ear to the brain.

Canal Dehiscence

Canal dehiscence syndrome (also called superior semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome, or SSCD) is caused by a small hole in one of the inner ear balance canals.

Glue Ear

Glue ear (otitis media with effusion) is fluid behind the eardrum. It often occurs after a cold and may affect one or both ears.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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